1. Click the SAMPLE SHIPMENTS tab.

Once an order is completed and submission form is downloaded, schedule free overnight shipping with FedEx!

2. Click the CREATE SHIPMENT button.

Check the box to the left of the order number and then click the CREATE SHIPMENT button.

3. Select shipping options.

  • Select FEDEX as the carrier.
  • Enter the shipping date. Samples should be in the lab within 24 hours of collection; therefore, shipments should be scheduled Monday through Thursday.
  • Check the box for no live animals.
  • Check the  box for no hazardous materials.
  • Check the box to certify you understand hazardous materials specifications.
  • Check the box to certify you take responsibility for properly packaging samples.
  • Click CONTINUE.

4. Select shipping options (page 2).

  • Click CONFIGURE.
  • Select pounds and enter 1.
  • Select “Priority Overnight.”
  • Select “Ambient.”

5. Download and print shipping label.

Once the above  steps are finished, you should be able to download and print your shipping label. When you’re ready to ship, bring your sealed package and the printed label to a FedEx near you. Request a “packing slip” for your printed label and they can adhere it to the outside of your package. Now you wait 3-5 business days for your results!

Next Step: Reading Results