Reading diagnostic test results can be confusing at best. Just a little bit of knowledge before reading the results will help reduce the anxiety over all the pluses and minuses. The results are normally emailed to the breeder as a multiple page PDF. The most important part of the report for the results is the serology chart similar to the one below.

Serology Results Report

Each agent tested will be shown on a line along with the results for that agent. The primary test conducted is an MFIA test. Each agent tested will be shown with a prefix of MFIA. First, at the end of the list of MFIA tests will be “MFIA Anti-Ig” with a result of “P.” This agent is actually a lab control that must pass to be valid results and isn’t applicable to the breeder. Results that are not a solid positive or negative will then have a twin IFA test. The IFA test is used to try to confirm or deny the results of the MFIA. Example: the equivocal MFIA results below has a corresponding IFA test result. In this case, the sample was confirmed for MPUL.

MFIA MPUL Equivocal Confirmed Positive with IFA

Test Symbols Definition
+ Positive; results produced a moderate or strong positive reaction.
+/- Equivocal; results could not be confirmed or denied without further testing.
TC Tissue Control; nonspecific and does not indicate if sample is positive or negative.
I Indeterminate or Inconclusive; results are not possible with this sample
IN Nonspecific; agent antibodies weren’t confirmed by a secondary test
PDG Pending; testing still underway
QNS Quantity Not Sufficient; sample did not contain enough medium (e.g. blood) to produce results.
P Pass; Charles River Lab control (sample passed lab control)
F Fail; Charles River Lab control (sample failed lab control)