1. Go to the LTM Homepage and click the CATALOG tab.

2. click the NORTH AMERICA tab and then 360 DIAGNOSTICS.


4. Inside the Animal Health Testing Catalog, you can narrow down your search by selecting Rat in the SPECIES drop down menu.

For Serology panels, type Breeder Assessment in the Search box and click GO.

For RBF, type Streptobacillus Moniliformis in the Search box. Uncheck the INDIVIDUAL TEST ITEMS and click GO.

5. Click the ADD TO CART button for each test being ordered.

6. Click the VIEW CART button.

7. Click the CREATE ORDER button.

8. Fill out the Order Details.

Ensure rattery name is correct. Choose a Shipping Date. Remember: samples should be shipped within 24 hours of collecting the samples. Choose the Collection Date. Click the Continue button.

9. Confirm selected tests.

Ensure tests are correct. Add any additional test(s) needed and remove unwanted test(s). Click the Continue button.

10. Create sample Codes for each sample.

Select Single Species and select Rat. Create a Code for each sample pool being tested. The code can be anything to help identity the sample; however, this code must be used on the label for the actual sample tube. Click the Add Row button to add additional sample codes. Click the Continue button.

11. Select the test to be performed on each sample.

Click the check box for the test being performed on each sample. If the same test is being performed on all samples, the check box on the left hand side of the test name will select that test for all samples. Click the Continue button.

12. Select the sample type for each sample.

Click the check box for HemaTip for each Serology sample being submitted. If the sample is for a PCR test, check fecal pellet or other. If testing for RBF, type Oral Swab in the Other box and make a note of that in the comments. Click the Continue button.

If the sample type was Other and Oral Swab was entered for PCR samples (recommended for RBF), a warning box will pop up. Click the Continue button.

13. Select appropriate billing information.

On the Billing page, ensure all information is correct. If no payment method has been added, click the Enter New Payment Method button. Click the Continue button.

14. Confirm all information on CONFIRMATION page. If correct, click the SCHEDULE button at the bottom of the page.

15. *** IMPORTANT*** Download and print the Submission Form.

Once the order has been scheduled, a pop up with the order number will appear. Here, click the link to download submission form to download. YOU MUST DOWNLOAD AND PRINT THIS DOCUMENT! Once printed you will need to sign it, and place a physical copy in with your samples.

If for any reason you are not able to find the Submission Form, you can go to the Orders tab on the top left, check the box next to your test, and select Submission Form under the Reports drop down menu. It should download immediately!